Minimal X Maximal Aralık 2000

Utku Dervent’s grid-like paintings with cool and serene colours feed the viewer’s need for repetition which stands for continuity and conviction. The rectangular elements intricately traversing each other vary in colour, size and volume, but mostly they converge into a central point. There are two way to read these painting. One of them is to read them as an introverted unified field consisting of layer of colour. In this case it is based on the early modern Constructivist art and makes the painting an independent object which exempflies the minimalist insistence. The other i to see them as part of a whole that we have to complete imaginatively; in thi case, the grid referes to the world beyond the frame and becomes a part of an invisible entity. It is the emblem of an existence within a network.

Beral Madra, May 2000.