”Every Painting is a Self-Portrait” Each and every one of our relationships with the world are mirrors that reflect us back at ourselves. Every painting made, by way of relating to the world, is a self portrait as the painter’s encounter with their own self. This is so because what the painter depicts in their […]

On Abstract and Abstraction

On Abstract and Abstraction Utku Dervent Every thought is part of one’s self-consciousness, and carries traces of this conscioussness it is part of. Thoughts are in a constant state of change, by way of transforming into one another. What brings about this change are evocations and associations. The mind zooms on one thought among the […]

The State of Mind of Art: ‘Being There’ / Oğuz Haşlakoğlu

The State of Mind of Art: ‘Being There’ Oğuz Haşlakoğlu The basic principle underlying Modern Art rests on Klee’s famous saying, “Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” What this means is that art contains its own reality, instead of imitating an already existing reality in the images it produces. This radical […]