Artium Mayıs 2003

Utku Dervent’s geometrically structured paintings, which from time to time evoke the motifs of Anatolian carpet (kilim) designs…

Art lovers will be able to enjoy Utku Dervent’s geometrically structured paintings, which display a striking wealth of colour and form and from time to time evoke the elegant motifs of Anatolian carpet designs, in an exhibition to be held in the Artium Art Gallery from the 9th to 31st of May 2003.

The compositions Dervent creates within a square frame based upon the relationship between form, colour and texture may also be read as a search for the infinite possibilities of ‘formation/form-creation.’

Dervent has shaped colour and texture with an abstract-geometrical conception since the mid-1990s. The compositions he has created especially recently through variations on the square form open up possibilities for new shapes in areas where these forms intersect and overlap.

Having spent his childhood amidst paint, brushes, set squares and rapido pens, it is possible to say that his father artist Zafer Dervent, known for his work in the field of interior design and decoration, as well as his own brief education in architecture have had much influence on Dervent’s notions of geometrical structure and symmetrical order that are apparent in his work.

Leaving all that is figurative and representative aside and keeping his paintings void of any attribution of meaning, the artist continues his quest through abstract structures, drawing the viewer into a pleasurable game with his colourful and transparent work.

Utku Dervent says that the abstract approach in architecture has been one of the primary reasons for him to favour abstraction in art. In his own words: “There are certain obligations imposed by the need to create resemblance in figurative painting. These obligations prevent a more direct insight into the relationship between form, colour and texture. In this sense, I feel that when there is no need to worry about figure or resemblance, I am able to focus much more intensively on this relationship itself and through it create the effect I desire.” He adds that abstract art is, for him, a “purification effort”.

“I do not want to build a structure that references memory. I believe that memory, and therefore knowledge/information itself, obstructs us in many ways. Wisdom is not about the multitude of knowledge; quite on the contrary, sometimes too much information ends up being inhibitive. Wisdom is a state that includes simplification and purification. It is exactly in this sense that engaging in abstraction may be considered a purification effort for me.”

Dervent mentions that yet another experience that has strengthened his search for purity and simplicity in abstract art has been working with children aged 3-6 years. According to him “As children grow older they start having concerns regarding representation and creating resemblances. When they are 3 or 4 years old, however, they are able to act and create as they feel, far from any stylistic or formal worries and without social masks. I must say that working in preschool became both an educational and quite rehabilitative experience for me in this sense. I still draw on this experience when working with my university students.”

A Research Assistant in the Art and Design Faculty, Composite Arts Graduate Program of Yıldız Technical University, Utku Dervent is still working to receive his proficiency in art at Mimar Sinan University. Before focusing fully on painting, Dervent gained experience in architectural projects, working on perspective and the construction of models, as well as in graphic design and decoration for residential spaces, show rooms and stores from 1987 to 1998. He is also the winner of the Special Achievement Award in the DYO Painting Contest (1999).

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