Variations: The Possibilities of a Painting

Using the technical potentials of serigraphy to create variation rather than for reproduction, Utku Dervent blends the same elements and colours together in order to bring to light the possibilities and potentials always contained within a painting, but that must usually be eliminated in its formation stage.

The method for variation implemented by Dervent in this work is different from the technique commonly referred to as “variation” in serigraphy. What variation in serigraphy or screen printing means is applying different colour schemes without changing the formal structure of the composition. Dervent, on the other hand, uses plates that are usually designed and implemented to create colour layers as formal elements themselves, and prints them in different combinations of colour and direction. Hence serigraphy, or screen printing ceases to be a mere “technique of reproduction” and rather becomes a “technique of variation”, where variation is derived with the same forms by using different colours and arrangements. Though he appears to have departed from the use of geometric forms in this exhibition, the artist in fact remains true to geometric constructs.

As someone who explains his work saying, “Having chosen a square frame, I was able to create a variety of arrangements with the same printing plates by changing the direction of the paper or the colour I used while printing,” it is clear that the artist has carefully planned the forms, colour and arrangement of elements in each layer of colour prior to printing. In this manner he has managed to create a series where no two images are the same, yet each and every one of them somehow relate to each other.

Dervent says that “Every one of these prints may only be considered pretty paintings on their own. Not one of them can singularly convey the whole picture displayed when they all come together,” and he adds: “Although they may be considered fragmented in this sense, these paintings all create one single, total meaning – and this is not the meaning of the painting, but instead the meaning of possibilities.” …

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