is sanat mart 2004

As one who conceives of abstract painting to be a structure that leads from plurality towards singularity within the framework of geometric possibilities, Utku Dervent believes that a pure language of painting, devoid of figure, comes closer to emotion than figurative painting…

… according to Dervent abstract painting is more closely related to emotion than figurative painting. Holding that abstract art is truly able to manifest emotion by creating it within ‘the moment’ and freeing the relationship between forms from the binds of narrative, the artist shapes colour and texture with an abstract-geometrical conception. The preoccupation with creating a wholistic structure is apparent in Dervent’s work. He describes the process leading to this total product, this whole structure as ‘starting by learning the alphabet and moving towards forming sentences’ ….

… “I aim to produce a structure that retains its coherence and totality despite the multiplicity of colours and polyphony it contains.”

… “The world exists as a whole, with everything upon it – although we may be unable to perceive this reality. We just do not know how to look at it. We would gain much from learning to see this whole, this totality. What I strive to do through my paintings is create this kind of sight within myself.”

…’’Having said that what shapes his paintings is ultimately his point of view on life itself, the artist describes his voyage in art is one from multiplicity towards singularity, by way of sorting, eliminating and purifying.’’…

‘Mimarlık & Dekorasyon’, 1 March 2004, Pg.88.